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Ochestral tots in action

I came across a news article about the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras, which are several orchstras totalling around 400 children in the 9-12 age bracket.  Inspiring stuff!  Here’s a representative quote:

Kelly Jo Wallace is a tiny blonde 12-year-old with a voice so soft one has to lean in to catch every word. This is her fifth year with MCYO, although she has been playing the violin since before she can really remember.

“I was 1-1/2,” she says. “I had this little violin.”

What prompts parents to get their baby a violin? A violin-playing baby, apparently. Wallace says her parents weren’t musicians themselves, but they understood from the beginning that their daughter was.

“I started with a ruler and a tissue box. I guess I saw other kids,” she explains. “I just wanted to play violin!”


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